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Region Home

Specialty Chiefs and Event Chairs

Event Dates & Chairs

Specialty Chiefs
Click here to see a list of the specialty chiefs for the year

Events Chairs
Click hear to see a list of the event chairs for this year.

Guidelines for running an event

Event Chair
Recruits the chiefs.  Runs the event.

Drivers Meeting
Notes to cover during a drivers meeting.

Novice Drivers Meeting
Notes to cover during a drivers meeting for novices.

ProSolo Drivers Meeting
Notes to cover during a drivers meeting.

Course Designer
Designs the course, submits it for approval, arranges setup and crew and marking materials.

Recruits a staff.  Runs tech.

Recruits a staff.  Arranges for all needed materials for registration.   Runs registration.

Recruits a staff to assign folks a work assignment during registration.

Here is a link to a video that overviews how our computer timing works

Course Control
This is a sub task assigned by the worker staff.  This link outlines the duties of the chief of course.

Recruits a staff to pickup and put away all the things used to run the event.

While the event chair runs the event and usually has the last say on things.  All events must follow the SCCA rules and regional supplements.  The Safety Stewards have the final say on safety items for the entire event.

If you are curious and would like to know more about running an event, come to the monthly Solo meeting, or contact the Solo Assistant Region Executive.




It's not as hard as it looks!
Each event has an event chairperson.  The event chairperson recruits people to handle specific areas of the event.  These people are called "chiefs"  Most chief positions have a checklist which are listed below.  Each is a link to a check list for that chief to use.  A brief description of the chiefs duties follows each link.  There are links to the left for our scheduled run order and a list of our usual event sites.

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